Offline Advertising vs. Online Advertising

Advertising has been the gateway to the success of the business industry, companies can reach a large number of target customers through advertisement. Today, with the expanding function of the internet and the growing users of it, online advertising has been added to the marketing strategy.

Offline includes print media, broadcast media, direct mail, and telemarketing.

Offline advertising can be costly than online advertising. Companies using the offline advertising utilize offline media channels to create a public awareness of the company’s product and services. This requires their business to develop an extensive plan before the campaign will be implemented. The campaign implementation includes radio and print advertising, signs and pamphlets, telemarketing and television advertisements. The target reach is low compared to online advertising, the performance of the campaign advertisements cannot be calculated anytime, it takes some time to process and get the result. There is time constraint with offline advertising due to the schedules television advertisements are aired, newspapers published daily and magazines are published weekly or monthly.

Online advertising includes websites, social networking sites, content marketing, banner ads, Google ads, and video marketing.

Online advertising can be intimidating to those companies who have only been using offline advertising. With the growth of social media, online advertising has different creative ways to advertise their product and services. The target reach of customers is higher than offline advertising since the company can advertise all over the globe. The statistics of the campaign performance can be easily processed and instant results are given. The company can even track the number of audiences has reached their advertisement, unlike with the offline advertisement. There is no time constraint with online advertising, the advertisement is done 24/7 and customers can view the advertisements anytime. Whenever a change or customization is needed with the content, time and targeting it can easily be done. This has been proven that online advertising is less costly than offline advertising.

With the difference of online advertising and offline advertising, the real value of marketing efforts can be determined. Nevertheless, both ways of advertising solicit more new consumers of the company’s products and services. But, choose the cheaper medium, a strategy with a better reach and a tangible platform that can give a direct and immediate response to the inquirers. The right balance of offline advertising and online advertising can help improve the sales of the company’s product and services.