So, you want to trim down on expenses in real estate property sales transactions by doing away with the middleman who is obviously hired at a fee.

Here is a “selling my house without a realtor” tips checklist for you to peruse.Houses for sale thru realtors

Be Your Own Marketing Agent.

There are a whole bunch of platforms where you can put up the advertisement for your house for sale, both in the physical world and online.

Start within your network and use it for referrals. You may know people who know people who may want or need the kind of home you are selling.

Market your home on websites and online applications popular for helping people successfully derive sales and acquire income.

You are on you own and you are marketing a house you yourself know inside out. So be honest. Let your potential buyers know of the fixing needs of the house that they are eyeing to buy from you. Be a responsible independent seller and find all problems involving the structure of the house as much as you can and then disclose them to your prospective customers.

Do not overly estimate the value of your home.

Be Realistic in Putting a Price Tag on Your House.Home for sale by owner

You are very much informed of the physical conditions and state of your home. You lived in it long enough. So do not deny that fact of this awareness. You know that your house’s architectural design is not exactly the trendiest. It is an old house after all. You know about the leaks on the roofing occurring whenever the rain pours too heavily. You know that your home siding is in dire need of a new paint job. And so, ultimately, as a self-sufficient seller, it is you who can more accurately price your house. Do not overprice it if it does not deserve too high a price. Do not underestimate its value either. Whenever in talks with a potential buyer, observe what he wants and needs. Your house may not be the prettiest and most functional but it may turn out that it is what he is looking to buy. Tread carefully when considering these aspects.

Turn your house into one that is generic and rid it of any personal touches.

You may want to sell your house as the way it is now and that is according to what your buyer wants too. Renovation and repairs may not even be necessary. But do not leave belongings of yours which are no longer of value to you. Take that big distracting framed old photo of your first pet off the wall. Just to be on the safe side. You never know until the buyer sees it. It might be a turnoff.

While shifting you can go for a shipping company which will help you in doing everything hassle free. You can check worldwide brands vs Salehoo to choose the best one for you.

Be Open to Pricing Negotiations.

You sell a house; you sell it at the right amount that it deserves. But do not close your doors, and your mind, on slight adjustments suggested by your buyer to the price that you offer. Let us get you in a transaction that is a win-win situation and get both you and your buyer out a content dealer.

Final Thought

But is the house you are selling in a really awful condition? Talk to us today about your home, we buy ugly houses. We do not mind.