How Does Social Media Content Curation Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is the indeed the best place for brand awareness, marketing and enhancing your targeting effectively.

Building a strong presence in the online world means sharing both your content and curated content. Finding relevant content and creating all original posts is way too tasking sometimes. It is time-consuming and deals with a lot of work. Your blog posts must be well researched and not mediocre.

Social media content curation gives your business the opportunity to be in front of your targeted audience by sharing other peoples’ content.

What Is Social Media Content Curation?

It is a process of putting together or organizing and sharing relevant articles from the web to your different social media platforms. These are contents produced by influencers and thought leaders in your niche. The contents are quality and useful to your target audience.

To outrank your competitors, consistently creating new blog articles daily should be one of your top priorities. It this overwhelms you, you can make use of content not necessarily produced by your brand. You can share others content. You can use this to fill the gap in your social content planning calendar.

What Can You Gain from Social Media Content Curation?

You might think why in the world should you share other people’s blog posts? There’s no problem with this because after all, it could be beneficial to your brand. In fact, it’s a strategy that makes your grow your social media followers and increase your leads.

Sharing relevant blog articles from other sources means you understand your niche industry and can even comment on the article.

It enhances search engine optimization. Google emphasizes the importance of fresh, relevant content, but creating an all original one is time-consuming and needs a lot of resources. But you can boost SEO by curating content.

Best practices for curating content include: curate content for your audience; be selective; annotate and give insights to your curated blog articles; retitle and link back to original article.

Curated content increases your social followers. Being active in social media is a must for brand awareness. Once your audience sees you sharing relevant content, then they’ll share it and in effect increases your followers.

It establishes thought leadership. What’s important is stay in your niche and share content relevant to your industry only.

What Is the Downside of Social Media Content Creation?

1. It Is Time-Consuming

You have to spend hours filtering all the content because you have to read each and every article.
If you want to focus more on your business, experts from are the best way for advice.

2. No Credit for Sharing

There is no credit for the traffic that you generated. There’s possibility that your audience will stay on the source site and forget about you.

3. More Effort is Needed

You have to put more effort to create your content. Because you are curating content, you have to double your effort create and share original content.

4. Poor Curation Leads to Bad Image

When you share poorly curated blog post it gives you a bad impression. Not well researched, shared and curated blog articles will cause you to lose your audience.


Benefit from social media content curation but don’t overdo it. Creating your blog posts must not be taken for granted. If you don’t know how to do it properly, better seek advice from the experts in this field.

How to Be Successful with Your Local SEO

Have you followed the evolution of Search Engine Optimization? If you have, then you might have noticed that it is eternally changing over time.
Local business competition is consistently heating up. Because of this, you should never ignore local SEO, unless you’re ready to bury your business or lag behind.

Local SEO Tips

Local SEO Tips

To be successful locally, it doesn’t mean having directory listing is enough. You need to amend some things to outrank your competition when searched in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Here Are Key Points You Need for Local SEO:

1. Responsive design. When your customers visit your website, they must be able to see everything clearly even without zooming in or out. Mobile responsiveness is a must have. According to eCommerce mobile stats, 125 million U.S. consumers own smartphones. Eighty percent of shoppers use a cell phone to search for products and their prices.

You can check if your site is responsive. The first step is just simply checking your website on a smartphone. If you can read the menu immediately without zooming then sure your site is responsive.

2. Meta tags and title descriptions. This matters a lot to local SEO. In the universe of competing for search results, you must have a text which is unique, descriptive and compelling. Writing tags and title descriptions is an art, that’s what they say.

To reach local customers, always include your city location. If you have a shop, store or clinic which a client go to for your service or buying products, then your business is location driven. Example: If you are a dental practitioner, include your city location in front of what you are advertising.

3. You have to be in social. Be sure you are active on the social media platforms your customers are engaged. It depends on where your audience is. Google likes it if you are using social media. Some clients engage with you first in social media before trusting your business entirely.

4. Get out and be active in the community. Network and give back to the community. Example: If you are a dentist you can volunteer to be a resource person in education and seminars related to oral hygiene.

5. Use google analytics. Don’t ignore Google analytics. Use it to check if you are doing the right thing. It gives you an idea if you’re doing social media right. Otherwise, revise your techniques.

How to benefit with search engine optimization

Don’t limit yourself to the said strategies, ask yourself where your customers are looking and how you have to get in front of them. Think, what websites other than yours are visible when searched using keywords you’re interested.

Voice search has increased a lot. But, do you know that most people search when they are in the comfort of their home (according to Stone Temple). Be aware what are people searching using voice search. Don’t ignore your strategy regarding voice search.

How about online reviews? Some SEO experts say you have to “beg” for reviews. It matters because people trust reviews.

If you have limitations in this area, ask for some professional advice from the best rated seo service in Chicago. Don’t be frugal with local SEO.

Conclusion. These local SEO tips are just tip of the iceberg. But implementing these allows you to outrank your competitors.

2017: Why Local SEO Is Still Important Until Now?

Is SEO really dead? Not all, it is even going a long way and far from being dead. Your business competitors are doing local SEO. It is a never ending track and is an evolution. But people must not focus much on its marketing benefits but what it can do to branding your business.

Local Seo Strategies

Be ahead of your business competitors by using local schema markup. Doing so tells people what business you are. It’s like adding more data or tags on your website. When they go to Google for a search, your site ranks higher.

Use and optimize your Google my business. Completing your profile gives you an advantage. When they go to google and search for phone numbers, location, website URL and business timings, they can easily get all essential information in a click.

Make customer reviews a priority. Ask customers feedback always. Google has made customers review rank high, putting them always when we search for an individual site. You will sometimes find snippets of the customer feedback. The most efficient way of getting customer review and feedback is to automate their reviews. Having continuous positive comments will benefit you.

Publish locally optimized content consistently. The most straightforward way to do this is using visuals and images. Nowadays people have less attention span. They prefer seeing photos and videos. For example, if you are a local health food restaurant, you can post a picture of the vegetable salads on the menu.

Optimize your website for mobile users. Mobile usage is now dominating over desktop or laptop users. According to a Local SEO Search Statistics, 50% of local mobile users are looking for information like business address, phone numbers and that 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. Also, remember to keep your website friendly to your clients– specially when making appointments.

What Can Local Seo Do to Your Business

SEO experts can help you with the following:

1. Lead Your Target Customers to Your Website

They get your site up front using keywords and enables your site to be at the top of the listing. The company can use pay per click advertising option for driving traffic to your site but requires more budget. Another way is to use social media marketing using different platforms.

2. Increase Social Media Engagement and Create More Local Reviews

Employing the right social media strategy may be daunting, but with hard work and commitment, you will see the results. Local SEO companies offer services such as social media campaigns, social media management, and content marketing.

3. Improve Your Website That Helps Grow Your Business

If your website was not driving your sales then you can have it optimized. A website which is professional looking must have an amazing design fit for the business. It must be search engine and mobile friendly.

Final Words

Search engine optimization never died at all; it is expanding and growing. Technology is always on top and constantly updating, so keep up with the latest. If you are not up-to-date contracting local seo services is your best option for stepping up your sales.