How A Web Designer Can Increase Your Client Conversions

Building Responsive Web Design

The Internet evolves continually and for that reason so should your design. The reason why web design is a key element of a site is mainly because it influences the first impression of a visitor. Therefore, if you want to have a good first impression that will help you gain more conversions, you need a responsive website.

In order to achieve a responsive design that is optimized for conversions, you should consider contracting a web designer.

What Do Web Designers Do?

A website designer is somebody that is both equally creative and technologically inclined and utilizes the two of these characteristics to develop or redesign websites.

Traditionally web-site designers not only were required to create layout, design, styling and assets, but they also had to code it. Now, web design can reflect the underlying principles of the web itself.

Wedsite Designing For UXOur Two-Fold Content Vs. Design Approach

We believe that creating a confident experience with customers is aided by web page appeal, whilst keeping visitors on the site is mainly the result of quality content. Our designers work with our Internet Marketing team to ensure the design is not just a perfect representation of your company, but also an effective marketing tool.

One of the first things we do when starting a design project is work with the content team to develop a content strategy that translates into a better user experience.

We create a strategy for your content that will be useful and engaging to your customers. Therefore, your design will always reflect your content when you partner with us.

Creating a Mobile Responsive Web Design

Just like how your content and design must mesh well together, the speed of site access is just as important. Let’s face it, we live in a digital world, where the significance of quick access to a mobile enhanced website is essential. Without a responsive site, your web team will have to do the same edits twice for both versions of your site – desktop and mobile. Simply put, mobile is here to stay.

Nowadays, with a large proportion of online visitors originating from smart devices of numerous functionality, it’s critical that any new internet site be functional on as many devices as it can be.

If you have large data files on your site, your mobile visitors will have a bad experience which can lead to a loss of sales.


Our Web Design by Digitaleer team takes a balanced, personalized approach to each and every project from the preliminary design and style stages through the development and into continuous Web Marketing strategies.

We’re not a group of bots providing an elegant homepage widget to each and every client. With over ten years of experience in design, programming, content creation and more, choosing a web design team such as Digitaleer is a no brainer.

When it comes to online marketing, it’s easy to see how important a web presence is. When done well, websites inform and potentially convert visitors to customers. Our company is made up of content creators, web developers and well-rounded creatives perfect for bringing your web design vision to life.

How to Be Successful with Your Local SEO

Have you followed the evolution of Search Engine Optimization? If you have, then you might have noticed that it is eternally changing over time.
Local business competition is consistently heating up. Because of this, you should never ignore local SEO, unless you’re ready to bury your business or lag behind.

Local SEO Tips

Local SEO Tips

To be successful locally, it doesn’t mean having directory listing is enough. You need to amend some things to outrank your competition when searched in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Here Are Key Points You Need for Local SEO:

1. Responsive design. When your customers visit your website, they must be able to see everything clearly even without zooming in or out. Mobile responsiveness is a must have. According to eCommerce mobile stats, 125 million U.S. consumers own smartphones. Eighty percent of shoppers use a cell phone to search for products and their prices.

You can check if your site is responsive. The first step is just simply checking your website on a smartphone. If you can read the menu immediately without zooming then sure your site is responsive.

2. Meta tags and title descriptions. This matters a lot to local SEO. In the universe of competing for search results, you must have a text which is unique, descriptive and compelling. Writing tags and title descriptions is an art, that’s what they say.

To reach local customers, always include your city location. If you have a shop, store or clinic which a client go to for your service or buying products, then your business is location driven. Example: If you are a dental practitioner, include your city location in front of what you are advertising.

3. You have to be in social. Be sure you are active on the social media platforms your customers are engaged. It depends on where your audience is. Google likes it if you are using social media. Some clients engage with you first in social media before trusting your business entirely.

4. Get out and be active in the community. Network and give back to the community. Example: If you are a dentist you can volunteer to be a resource person in education and seminars related to oral hygiene.

5. Use google analytics. Don’t ignore Google analytics. Use it to check if you are doing the right thing. It gives you an idea if you’re doing social media right. Otherwise, revise your techniques.

How to benefit with search engine optimization

Don’t limit yourself to the said strategies, ask yourself where your customers are looking and how you have to get in front of them. Think, what websites other than yours are visible when searched using keywords you’re interested.

Voice search has increased a lot. But, do you know that most people search when they are in the comfort of their home (according to Stone Temple). Be aware what are people searching using voice search. Don’t ignore your strategy regarding voice search.

How about online reviews? Some SEO experts say you have to “beg” for reviews. It matters because people trust reviews.

If you have limitations in this area, ask for some professional advice from the best rated seo service in Chicago. Don’t be frugal with local SEO.

Conclusion. These local SEO tips are just tip of the iceberg. But implementing these allows you to outrank your competitors.

2017: Why Local SEO Is Still Important Until Now?

Is SEO really dead? Not all, it is even going a long way and far from being dead. Your business competitors are doing local SEO. It is a never ending track and is an evolution. But people must not focus much on its marketing benefits but what it can do to branding your business.

Local Seo Strategies

Be ahead of your business competitors by using local schema markup. Doing so tells people what business you are. It’s like adding more data or tags on your website. When they go to Google for a search, your site ranks higher.

Use and optimize your Google my business. Completing your profile gives you an advantage. When they go to google and search for phone numbers, location, website URL and business timings, they can easily get all essential information in a click.

Make customer reviews a priority. Ask customers feedback always. Google has made customers review rank high, putting them always when we search for an individual site. You will sometimes find snippets of the customer feedback. The most efficient way of getting customer review and feedback is to automate their reviews. Having continuous positive comments will benefit you.

Publish locally optimized content consistently. The most straightforward way to do this is using visuals and images. Nowadays people have less attention span. They prefer seeing photos and videos. For example, if you are a local health food restaurant, you can post a picture of the vegetable salads on the menu.

Optimize your website for mobile users. Mobile usage is now dominating over desktop or laptop users. According to a Local SEO Search Statistics, 50% of local mobile users are looking for information like business address, phone numbers and that 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. Also, remember to keep your website friendly to your clients– specially when making appointments.

What Can Local Seo Do to Your Business

SEO experts can help you with the following:

1. Lead Your Target Customers to Your Website

They get your site up front using keywords and enables your site to be at the top of the listing. The company can use pay per click advertising option for driving traffic to your site but requires more budget. Another way is to use social media marketing using different platforms.

2. Increase Social Media Engagement and Create More Local Reviews

Employing the right social media strategy may be daunting, but with hard work and commitment, you will see the results. Local SEO companies offer services such as social media campaigns, social media management, and content marketing.

3. Improve Your Website That Helps Grow Your Business

If your website was not driving your sales then you can have it optimized. A website which is professional looking must have an amazing design fit for the business. It must be search engine and mobile friendly.

Final Words

Search engine optimization never died at all; it is expanding and growing. Technology is always on top and constantly updating, so keep up with the latest. If you are not up-to-date contracting local seo services is your best option for stepping up your sales.

Appointment Scheduling Software Advantages

If you are operating a business which involves client scheduling, then you need appointment scheduling software. The privileges and convenience that the software gives you are what makes it essential.

Online Appointment Software

Advantages of Online Scheduling Software:

Instant Payment Order on the Web-Site

In an online appointment scheduling software, you can assure client payments once they reserve an appointment schedule in your firm. Bookings are not just put in vain because if they don’t arrive on the set schedule, you still receive payment.

Guaranteed Services for Customers

Since your customers have booked an appointment with you in advance, they are assured to be given the services they need. Unlike walk-ins, this guarantees appointments.

Moreover, online appointment scheduling systems also offer a loyalty program to customers. Giving regular clients privileges such as discounts and bonuses, will attract new customers and keep the old ones.

Scheduling Software

The Customer Can Choose Services and Times

Because it has an online calendar where the available and booked time and dates are seen, they can easily determine whether their preferred schedules are vacant or not. They can also check if the services you offer are available or not on the schedule of their choice so that they can also make some adjustments with their time.

You Do Not Have to Communicate Directly With Your Client

The appointment scheduling software will do the scheduling and booking for you. Unlike manual booking systems, the customer still needs to call in order to check for the available schedules and services. Scheduling online will save time and frustration.

Open for Bookings 24/7

You can sleep peacefully while your firm is taking client bookings in the middle of the night. The appointment scheduling software will automatically arrange the bookings for you. It will also send automatic e-mail confirmation to your customers.

It Is Possible to Send SMS and Push Notifications

Since clients may forget they booking schedule, e-mail is sent as a reminder to them of your appointment with your team. And because some don’t check their e-mail regularly, to make sure they get the reminder, SMS can be sent to your clients hours before the schedule of appointment.

Payment via PayPal and Other Payment Systems Can Be Made Possible

This is simply because the reservation is done online. Customers want payments to be more convenient via online money. With an appointment scheduling software, they don’t need to go to the bank to deposit money to your account for reservation or go directly to you to confirm their bookings. A simple point and click in the software, and they are ready to pay for the booking.

No Need to Install Software on Your Server or Device

An appointment scheduling software is embedded in your website with a “Book Appointment” button, and the customers are right away directed to the booking page of your firm. Easy and no need for any other installations.


Make your customers’ reservation to your team more convenient. Get an appointment scheduling software and embed it to your website. Don’t just get visitors on your website; turn them into customers.

Tips on How to Manage Your Customer Appointments Online

Are you having troubles with scheduling your customers?

You may be an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a freelancer selling products or services which involve setting appointment schedules for your clients. Maybe you have a law firm, a salon, a webinar, a coaching a counseling team, a gym, or you may be offering music or ballet lessons. Most of these things require advance bookings and scheduling to prepare you and your team, and let your clients choose their available schedules.

Booking and scheduling client appointments can be a crucial thing in an organization. Customers can sometimes become impulsive, book a schedule in your team, and cancels it after a few hours, or doesn’t show on the agreed schedule.

To Help You With Scheduling Your Clients, Here are Some Tips for Scheduling Your Customers:

1. Go Digital

Manual log books can become messy and look disorganized when scheduling appointments especially that most clients tend to cancel and re-schedule often. Digital calendars can help you create and edit your appointments with your customers without having to scratch off papers and make new cleaner list.

If you want a more organized digital scheduling, get an online appointment scheduling software. It helps you with scheduling and re-scheduling your clients. An online scheduling software is also more efficient since your customers don’t have to directly contact you to set a schedule. You can post the available schedules, and they simply choose their preferred schedules. The online scheduling will be the one to give the confirmation to your customers and give them a reminder a day or days before the appointment depending on how you set it up.

2. Make an Allowance

You may be fully booked the whole day, and you are spending more time in one of your clients, thereby moving the next customers’ schedules. List down the services you offer and the average time it can spend for one client. Then make an allowance or give the “worst case” possible time duration of a service so to not be in conflict with the schedule of your next client.

3. Stay Up to Date

Keep your calendar always open, and make sure to easily notice it. There might have been urgent changes in the schedules, and you may forget it, so check your calendar as often as possible.

4. Re-confirm

Call your clients or customers at least a day before the scheduled appointment to make sure that he/she will be able to attend to the said schedule. This will also hep remind your clients that they have set a schedule on that day in case they forgot. It helps lessen the no-shows and saves your time waiting for nothing.

An online scheduling software can help you with this. As previously said, you can automatically set an e-mail reminder to your clients days, a day, or even hours before the agreed schedule.


Scheduling clients appointments efficiently and in an organized way has never been easier. Give them reminders and re-confirmations to remind them of their schedules, and go digital for a cleaner, more organized scheduling. If possible, and for best scheduling, get an online scheduling software to help you ease client bookings and lessen your time scheduling your customers.

Get Help in Managing Your Employees with an Employee Scheduling Software

Is managing employees an easy task?

Managing an employee can be quite tough, especially when they are working by shift, when there are absences and sick or vacation leaves, on keeping them on track with their schedules and assignments, and lots of other tasks.

Being a manager isn’t easy. But an employee scheduling software can make it relatively easy for you to manage your employees. It organizes well just like how an online appointment scheduling tool helps your client.

Here Are the Benefits of an Employee Scheduling Software and Why You, as a Manager Should Get One:

It is Efficient

Having an employee scheduling software helps you manage your employees with assigning their tasks, keeping their schedules and shifts, and in computing their rate hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You don’t have to do the tedious jobs of computing, memos, charts, and spreadsheets. The employee scheduling tool will do these tasks for you.

It may take you days to compute the employee payroll manually as you have to review and re-check it many times. The employee scheduling software can do this job for you accurately and quickly. In just a few minutes, the employee payroll is ready.

the employee scheduling tool also allows you to keep track of the holidays and sick leaves, or absences of an employee, so you can have another employee to replace him temporarily to cover his assigned shifts until he is back to work.

It Saves Time

Traditionally, employees still have to undergo several steps and approval sheets for the to use the company car, to use the conference room for a meeting, or to simply borrow the projector. This process takes them several minutes, hours, or in worst cases, even days to request, sign papers, wait to check if the item is available and to approve their request.

With an employee scheduling software, the employees can right away see if the facilities they need are available, or if not, may know when it will be available, and they can book it right away in the software, not needing to go to other departments and sign papers for approval.

As for your being the supervisor, manager, or employer, you can assign tasks to your employees and forward the tasks to them straight away, and the tasks can be seen immediately in the to-dos. You do not have to meet them to give them their new tasks and instructions. Also, following up with the tasks or changing them can be made easy in the employee scheduling tool.

No Chances Lost

An employee scheduling software keeps you track on employee shifts and gives you an idea on what is done by who, and if an employee’s tasks are too little while the other one’s too much. Tasks should be evenly distributed in the team to prevent other employees from being overworked, and others to be just too chill. Productivity is achieved when tasks are equally distributed to the employees.

Get On The Floor

As the supervisor or manager, you won’t be too distracted by these easy yet time-consuming tasks, and you can focus more on your other more important tasks, new plans, and ideas to make your team more productive and efficient.


Make your duties as a manager relatively easier in managing your employees so you can focus on more important tasks and on to keeping your team growing. Get an employee scheduling software to help you ease your employee managing tasks.