Top Reasons to Own a Condo in 2017

Have you thought of buying a condo unit? If you plan on buying a condo to rent or live in, looking online is a great place to start your condominium search.

Beautiful Condo Courtyard

Why Should You Buy a Condo?

Buying condos can, to some people, be too luxurious and impractical, because why buy a condo when you can buy a house instead?

Here Are Some Reasons Why Buying a Condo Is a Good Choice

1. A New Community

This is more especially to condominium developments which have a higher number of unit owners. In these kinds of condos, the condominium development usually holds different social events that are exclusively for owners. Joining in these events will make you meet new acquaintances, new community. Aside from that, you can build new networks of people in the community.

2. Better Location

Usually, single family homes are very expensive when located in a commercial area. However, when you buy a condominium unit, you can have a home in a luxury location at a relatively lower price. You can live in a place where there is easy access to amenities and establishment

3. Equity and Tax Advantages

If you are deciding whether to rent or buy a condo unit, purchasing a condo is more advantageous that renting one. One of the benefits of buying a condo vs. renting is that the mortgage payment that you will be paying monthly to own a condo unit can be almost equal to a monthly condominium rental, where you will never get the unit you are renting.

Also, owning a condo can give you the opportunity to build equity. And because there are many property owners in the building, you will have comparably reduced property taxes and mortgage interest.

4. An Investment

Buying a condoMany people opt in buying condos not just for them to live in, but for investment. Real estate properties tend to appreciate over time, and they can sell it at higher prices after some years. Aside from that, they can also capitalize on the rental program and earn from it. In this case, the condominium is giving back money to you, which is a good investment.

5. Maintenance

Unit owners in a condominium building are not directly responsible for doing the work in the building maintenance. The monthly condominium fees cover that the owners pay already cover all the maintenance and services needed in the building and the units, including its facilities and common grounds and areas.

6. Price

Though this may not be true in all cases, there are some areas where singles family homes that are developed are larger and more expensive, while condos can be smaller but are more affordable. If this are is more accessible to your amenities or other access such as work, you can get a condo instead of buying a house.


Are you looking for a more convenient location? Or how about a real property investment that you can have rented or sold at higher prices after a couple of years? Own a condo now. Visit for various types and designs of condos that are just right for you.

Housekeeping: Hire an Individual or Use a Cleaning Company?

There’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing than walking into an immaculately cleaned home. However, for people with too much on their hands who have a sufficient budget, the best decision is to use housekeeping services to save time. This will increase your productivity.

Types of Housekeeping Services

There are different types of cleaning services you can find in your area. Depending on your budget you can ask one or multiple people to come and clean your home.

There are various local cleaning deals in phoenix near where you live. The housekeeping service which most people opt for is a weekly cleaning service. The agency will send one or more people to your house or office to clean it thoroughly once a week.

Another option is bi-weekly cleaning. Someone will be sent to your home for cleaning every two weeks. There is also a monthly option for cleaning. Having cleaning services regularly will cost less than an on-call basis. On-call basis means asking housekeeping to come on special occasions like hosting a big event or party. A one-time fee will be charged for this.

If you have a large home, you can choose to hire housekeeping options for a daily basis. That is if you are so obsessed with having a clean house or you’re somebody who can’t stand a dirty and dusty home.

Other types of services include specific cleaning like carpet and shutters cleaning only.

Hire Individual Housekeeper or Housekeeping Services Company?

If you don’t have time to do your housekeeping work, hiring help eases your schedule. You should consider one of two options; that is hiring an individual or independent housekeeper or using cleaning company services.

Before you hire anybody, evaluate what needs to be done in your house. Start by making a checklist of the tasks to be done and their frequency. Use this as a guide to determine whether a housekeeper is capable of doing all things on your checklist.

First of all, think about relationships. If you hire an individual yourself, you can develop a bond with her. It gives you a chance to build a friendly relationship with her. However, this can also cause problems with productivity.

If you hire somebody from a large housekeeping service company, there’ll be no personal touch. Anybody can be assigned to clean your house.

How about your budget? The cost of hiring a housekeeping service depends on your budget. If you choose to hire an independent housekeeper, you can meet them halfway when it comes to rates on a per hour basis. Just remember, they will be considered your employee, and you will deal with additional tax issues here.

Housekeeping services company charges you a fixed rate depending on many factors such as the size of the house and the rooms, the frequency of cleaning and whether you require deep cleaning or not.

Typically if an individual had been cleaning houses for quite some time, there wouldn’t be any issues. Although, if they just started then you need to give them training. The question is, do you have the time to train? If you don’t, then hire housekeeping services because already trained professionals will be sent to houses to clean.

Final Words

Wanting to save time means you need to hire somebody to clean your place. This allows you to focus on your jobs and other responsibilities. You can also do more for your business if you hire one. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of hiring an individual housekeeper or a housekeeping company.