Are you having troubles with scheduling your customers?

You may be an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a freelancer selling products or services which involve setting appointment schedules for your clients. Maybe you have a law firm, a salon, a webinar, a coaching a counseling team, a gym, or you may be offering music or ballet lessons. Most of these things require advance bookings and scheduling to prepare you and your team, and let your clients choose their available schedules.

Booking and scheduling client appointments can be a crucial thing in an organization. Customers can sometimes become impulsive, book a schedule in your team, and cancels it after a few hours, or doesn’t show on the agreed schedule.

To Help You With Scheduling Your Clients, Here are Some Tips for Scheduling Your Customers:

1. Go Digital

Manual log books can become messy and look disorganized when scheduling appointments especially that most clients tend to cancel and re-schedule often. Digital calendars can help you create and edit your appointments with your customers without having to scratch off papers and make new cleaner list.

If you want a more organized digital scheduling, get an online appointment scheduling software. It helps you with scheduling and re-scheduling your clients. An online scheduling software is also more efficient since your customers don’t have to directly contact you to set a schedule. You can post the available schedules, and they simply choose their preferred schedules. The online scheduling will be the one to give the confirmation to your customers and give them a reminder a day or days before the appointment depending on how you set it up.

2. Make an Allowance

You may be fully booked the whole day, and you are spending more time in one of your clients, thereby moving the next customers’ schedules. List down the services you offer and the average time it can spend for one client. Then make an allowance or give the “worst case” possible time duration of a service so to not be in conflict with the schedule of your next client.

3. Stay Up to Date

Keep your calendar always open, and make sure to easily notice it. There might have been urgent changes in the schedules, and you may forget it, so check your calendar as often as possible.

4. Re-confirm

Call your clients or customers at least a day before the scheduled appointment to make sure that he/she will be able to attend to the said schedule. This will also hep remind your clients that they have set a schedule on that day in case they forgot. It helps lessen the no-shows and saves your time waiting for nothing.

An online scheduling software can help you with this. As previously said, you can automatically set an e-mail reminder to your clients days, a day, or even hours before the agreed schedule.


Scheduling clients appointments efficiently and in an organized way has never been easier. Give them reminders and re-confirmations to remind them of their schedules, and go digital for a cleaner, more organized scheduling. If possible, and for best scheduling, get an online scheduling software to help you ease client bookings and lessen your time scheduling your customers.