Manage Your Schedule

It is important to manage the period of which things will occur to efficiently finish the task, time flies depending on what you are doing. As an entrepreneur, interruptions cannot be eliminated, to be successful one must be careful of how much the time they will spend on the implementation of actions to get their task done. To manage your schedule, the following steps might be helpful.

Plan your daily routine. Invest a little time to plan on the activities you will do, review the tasks you have to do and prioritize them. The routine may change daily but it is better to have a plan.

Start with the task you have prioritized first, pick one big task to do to make your day productive. A to-do list might be helpful. Practice not to answer unnecessary calls, e-mails, and instant messages. Instead, schedule a time when to answer these calls, e-mails, and instant messages.

Multi-tasking has been a norm and you can accomplish more task if you designate your time properly. Have your attention to a single task, and schedule your meetings and appointments on another schedule to not interrupt the current task you are working on.

Organize your meetings and appointments into blocks. Use appointment slots, book your appointments before hand to help you split the day with a number of meetings you have to attend to and have the discipline to keep these appointments.

You cannot control interruptions, they are pulled in various directions. Plan a schedule for your work interruptions, you might need a coffee break in the middle of your work.

Stop before the finishing time. A 15-minute allowance before your break is important, review the list of tasks you have to do for the day if you have accomplished. Also, this can be the time for you to organize again your schedule for the next day.

Do not forget to plan a time for yourself and your family. Maintain a good health, eat a regular healthy diet and exercise three times a week or every day. Do not let your work steal the time for your family and significant others.

Do not let your schedule own you, own your calendar. With time management, you will notice how much time you have spent on productive tasks and the time you have wasted on unproductive conversations and actions. Plan your days to make you productive and happy.