Social media is the indeed the best place for brand awareness, marketing and enhancing your targeting effectively.

Building a strong presence in the online world means sharing both your content and curated content. Finding relevant content and creating all original posts is way too tasking sometimes. It is time-consuming and deals with a lot of work. Your blog posts must be well researched and not mediocre.

Social media content curation gives your business the opportunity to be in front of your targeted audience by sharing other peoples’ content.

What Is Social Media Content Curation?

It is a process of putting together or organizing and sharing relevant articles from the web to your different social media platforms. These are contents produced by influencers and thought leaders in your niche. The contents are quality and useful to your target audience.

To outrank your competitors, consistently creating new blog articles daily should be one of your top priorities. It this overwhelms you, you can make use of content not necessarily produced by your brand. You can share others content. You can use this to fill the gap in your social content planning calendar.

What Can You Gain from Social Media Content Curation?

You might think why in the world should you share other people’s blog posts? There’s no problem with this because after all, it could be beneficial to your brand. In fact, it’s a strategy that makes your grow your social media followers and increase your leads.

Sharing relevant blog articles from other sources means you understand your niche industry and can even comment on the article.

It enhances search engine optimization. Google emphasizes the importance of fresh, relevant content, but creating an all original one is time-consuming and needs a lot of resources. But you can boost SEO by curating content.

Best practices for curating content include: curate content for your audience; be selective; annotate and give insights to your curated blog articles; retitle and link back to original article.

Curated content increases your social followers. Being active in social media is a must for brand awareness. Once your audience sees you sharing relevant content, then they’ll share it and in effect increases your followers.

It establishes thought leadership. What’s important is stay in your niche and share content relevant to your industry only.

What Is the Downside of Social Media Content Creation?

1. It Is Time-Consuming

You have to spend hours filtering all the content because you have to read each and every article.
If you want to focus more on your business, experts from are the best way for advice.

2. No Credit for Sharing

There is no credit for the traffic that you generated. There’s possibility that your audience will stay on the source site and forget about you.

3. More Effort is Needed

You have to put more effort to create your content. Because you are curating content, you have to double your effort create and share original content.

4. Poor Curation Leads to Bad Image

When you share poorly curated blog post it gives you a bad impression. Not well researched, shared and curated blog articles will cause you to lose your audience.


Benefit from social media content curation but don’t overdo it. Creating your blog posts must not be taken for granted. If you don’t know how to do it properly, better seek advice from the experts in this field.