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Effective digital is based on the concept that ROI , or return on investment, always increases because the digital service must constantly lead to the creation of value. The SEO techniques, which serve to optimize the positioning on search engines with respect to their target audience, must be based on the so-called Natural SEO . These are the two principles around which the method to choose a digital partner in online marketing , presented during a Joomla! Lombardia and Rilevant workshop in Smau Milan 2017, revolves .

The essential elements on which the digital service provider must base itself in order to propose a strategy of success to the company or professional: definition of the core business, prospect, focus on a project.

The first concerns the concept of effective digital strategy, which is “with positive ROI that always increases”. It means that digital is useful “when it is integrated with the company’s processes and generates a return, a profit. And it is effective when it is constantly improved over time “, bearing in mind that there may also be no immediate return, but it is an important long-term investment , also because not doing so can generate a competitive disadvantage in the coming years.

The second principle concerns the optimization of content for search engines. Galbusera advises to favor the so-called ” natural SEO “, which “starts from a valuable content and optimizes that”. Instead, non-natural SEO uses practices that disregard the value of a content, or a project, and tries to induce traffic artificially, by focusing on link building . This strategy, regardless of the content, involves two problems : it is an artificial mechanism, so when I interrupt this activity, I will have a collapse of the visits. The second problem is that search engines have algorithms more and more precise to mix correctly content and positioning in the search results.

Example : “If an ecommerce has half a million products, the best way to do SEO is not link building, but to work on each resource to optimize it better than its competitors”.

With this premise, let’s move on to the analysis of the elements highlighted above. Bearing in mind that the proposed method is aimed primarily at the digital service provider , for a correct approach to the customer, but it is also important for the customer, when he evaluates a digital partner. Above all, we always repeat it, if it is an SME that does not have specific internal expertise. And maybe it is aimed at a professional or a structure that in turn is a small digital service company, with a view to developing a synergy that brings added value.

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Definition of the core business : it must be the activity that the digital provider can do much better than the market average, on which it has developed a high level of expertise to offer to the customer. An important element is to integrate with other digital providers. Example: for Rilevant the seo technique is a very vertical skill. “If the customer asks us to do the site, we can also do it,” says Galbusera, but the advice that is given in this case is to integrate the expertise with that of a supplier who is involved in developing the site. In this way, the customer is better loyal.

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