Valuable tips for launching an effective (digital) international marketing activity

What is international digital marketing?
The main objective of an already internationalized company is to increase brand awareness on key countries for increasing profits. To do this it is important to implement a well-planned international digital marketing strategy that favors reaching the target audience through the web, social media and direct email marketing. These tools, at the same time, facilitate the dynamics of lead generation and favor the increase of the conversion rate thanks to a better management of the relationships with the customers and the upgrades involved.

Because an international digital marketing strategybe successful, however, it is necessary that the company thoroughly know the country in which it wants to market its product, with particular reference to:

Cultural characteristics
Values, habits, tastes and language decisively influence the strategies adopted by the company in foreign countries. Product, distribution and marketing adaptations may be required. In particular, as far as communication is concerned, it is important to underline how literal translations are not actually effective. Addressing specific nationalities does not just mean activating a sales network suitable for that country. To generate success it is necessary to focus on the client, starting from his culture, from his behavior, to his language. How you do it? Localizing, through extremely accurate translations and communications suited to the cultural context in which companies operate.

Economic factors
Per capita income, balance between supply and demand, methods of payment and currency directly influence the profits of the company abroad. Entering low-income countries, for example, can be counterproductive if the company is forced to lower prices to barely cover costs. For this accurate preventive analysis, they are of fundamental importance.

Political factors
Barriers to entry, laws and regulations, political risks linked to wars and popular uprisings can have a decisive influence on the fate of the company in foreign countries, especially in the case of direct investments. In Thailand, for example, foreign companies can not own more than 49% of a Thai company. This heavily influences the internationalization strategies of companies that must try to find reliable partners within the country.
In order to have better possibilities, the company can investigate further aspects such as the general trend of the dynamics of the foreign market, what has been done previously by the competitors and the difficulties encountered. Once determined all the cultural and socio-economic characteristics that must be taken into account, the company can proceed to the planning first, and then to the implementation of a localized international digital marketing strategy.

10 tips + 1 for an effective international digital marketing strategy
Identify a limited area in which to focus efforts based on market performance and cultural aspects
Choose the best best profiling strategy to be implemented by country or language
To establish which are the main reference markets of the competitors and which markets have the best profitability for the product
Define the potential traffic that can be reached through an online communication strategy and its potential profit
Analyze the search path for user information on the web . Which keywords do they use? What information are affected? Are they willing to buy products and ask for information online?
Analyze the visibility and positioning of the company website on search engines and identify room for maneuver
Evaluate the potential of each communication channel for the reference market, identifying the best points of contact through the creation of a customer journey map. What are the most effective channels to reach the target? Social networks? Direct Email Marketing? Blog? Content-marketing? Co-marketing?
Identify the most appropriate social networks to reach their target in foreign countries
To increase the brand’s popularity thanks to strategies to increase brand awareness to be implemented through online channels
Calculate the ROI . This phase can be difficult, especially if you operate in a very large global market, but having the ability to identify market trends is important to get a complete picture of the situation.
Optimize the user experience and the customer experience (user and customer experience) on your website

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